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🏝✨My top 5 fragrance/perfumes✨🏝


Today’s blog  is another instalment in my top 5 series this one is my top 5 sprays/perfumes that I use. 

I think everyone has that one signature scent that they just love but usually it’s expensive or you don’t wanna use it all the time so save it for “special” occasions. So I will include my everyday scents too ranging from high end to high street 🤗🙌🏼.

I love a floral sweet scent so if this isn’t your thing I probably won’t recommend any of these for you other than no1.

So here we go…

1) Alien by Thierry Mugler around £54 for 30ml

this is by far my signature scent and my favourite go too for special occasions or nights out. It’s a strong recognisable fragrance, if you know you know, and it last all night. 👽

2) love spell by Victoria secret £12 for 250ml

I have the old bottle still 🙊 but this sweet scent is my everyday go too it’s so refreshing and floral and is actually great value as they last forever! I also own the coconut spray which is great for holidays or summer. However this is a spray not a perfume so won’t have as much lasting power but you get more for your money.🖤

3) Sparkle by next £12 for 100ml or £8 for 30ml

This perfume is what I usually use day to day for perfume it’s very affordable and has citrusy and floral notes to it would recommend personally. I got it for Christmas from my fiances mum and would definitely buy again.✨

4) fantasy island by Britney Spears £10 for 235ml 

This tropical island mist is so sweet yet refreshing with fruity and floral notes, I would say it’s my go too holiday scent. Super great value I would recommend all of Britneys sprays and perfumes my old go to midnight fantasy is also beautiful and affordable 🙊🤗.🏝

5) CKin2u by Calvin Klein £30 50ml on offer for £15 26/04/17


I do think this can come on offer a lot (so you may find a cheaper option) and comes in many different sizes. This bottle is always in my bag on every night out, I call it my top up scent, As I own a small bottle which fits perfectly into any handbag! 

Hope you enjoy 😊 

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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