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Does it work?


Today’s blog is about another younique product that I have resently purchased. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™Š

I already use the younique concealer for my really problem areas. However this post is about the new and improved 3D fiber mascara.

No offence to anyone who sells it but I am always skeptical about the claims that come with the products, as they are very big claims, but now I’m a believer!!! 

On the right : the balm body builder mascara

On the left: younique 3D fiber lash

With liner:

Without liner:

What do you get for your money?

My first thought was πŸ€‘ thats a lot of money. However I regret that as it’s well worth the price tag as it replaces the need for falsies which are expensive in themselves.


The packaging is on point it comes in a beautiful box with instructions on how to use. The mascaras come in a lovely pouch to keep them together.

Transplanting gel

This is the first and last thing you apply and it is  black and the wand helps spread out lashes.


This is the fibers on a wand, they are pretty clumpy but when you get used to them they apply easily and you get less fall out.

What do I think?

Well it obviously works! And I will definitely use it on nights out and events.

However it’s a very dramatic look for everyday and can be a bit fiddly with the mascara then divers then mascara again.

The fibers can take a few strokes to get even but worth the hassle as the finished look is just like falsies πŸ‘€ which in my opinion are a lot of hassle also. The fibers can also fall and clump but this is easily fixed by swiping them away.

So all in all I would highly recommend this product to those who love a dramatic eyelash without the hassle of falsies and glue.

Buy products here:

Have you tried it?

What do you think of it? 

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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