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❌Online hate? ❌

Hello guys,

So sorry for the gap yet again but I seem to have got the plague again and I’ve been in bed the past few days 😷🤧

This is just a post to put out there that you are all amazing and beautiful no matter what anyone says believe in yourself! Positive thinking is a powerful tool we all need to use! 😍

The reason for this post is I recently went live for the first time on Facebook with a “get ready with me” style post where I put my makeup on while talking to my friends.

 I obviously went on camera bare faced (which is a big thing for most people) but as I have struggled with low self esteem for many years it was a very big step for me! But recently with the love from my fiancé and friends I have finally started to love myself too (with or without makeup). 

However during and after the video I received messages from people off my Facebook which were very mean and trying to bring me down. Claiming I was 

  • “ugly” 🤡
  • “looked like a rat” 🐀
  • “looked like a dog” 🐕
  • “Looked different to what they expected”👹

To be honest this would of bothered me in the past and I would of cried and hated myself , however my new and improved self brushed it off straight away! 

Why should i feel rubbish about what someone I don’t know is saying when I have a fiancé who loves me and cares for me 🤔. Also I’m not paying £27 on foundation to look the same Hun 💁🏼.

Yes I have some acne on my chin but most girls have “spots” or “blemishes” and I have something to tell you….

Who the hell cares?! Everyone has them and you shouldn’t put yourself down! 

You do you and love yourself!!

I also feel that today’s “laddish” behaviour is disgusting and we need to bring back respect and dignity. We need to build each other up not tear each other down! 

So if you do anything today please give at least one person a compliment or even a smile can go a long way 🤗

Spread positivity not hate!

Here’s me before (no filter) and after (taken with ring light) from my get ready with me. 🤗 

Much love,

Beth xoxo 


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