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What a lush bath…


So today’s blog is about last nights lush bath time. I used a few products so I will review them individually for you guys 🙂 

1) intergalactic bath bomb! – so this bath bomb is amazing makes you bath a lovely deep blue and has a pleasant fragrance, the only negative I would say it the GLITTER! It gets everywhere! I mean everywhere! I love a bit of glitter don’t get me wrong but it’s not great coming out of a bath looking like a vampire from twilight, but if that’s your thing go for it!! 🤗

2) comforter lush shower jel, this is amazing smells sooooo sweet I feel like a prinny washing in this! Gives a great lather and it’s pretty and pink deffo recommend to anyone!

3) roots hair mask, this is my ultimate lush product, if you have thin or weak/brittle hair this is the one! It smells like peppermint and you are meant to leave it in for around 15 mins but I leave in for around 25 mins to get the full effect and just wash out normally. 100% get!

So these are the ones I used last night I use lush a lot but only used these two last night as I didn’t want to overload myself.
Much love,

Beth x


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