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VIP cinema experience 


Sooo today’s post is about my amazing first experience at cineworld Sheffield’s VIP experience. 🤗

So I’ve been a member at cineworld for around 3 years 🙂 if you are and an avid cinema goer and don’t yet have one, what the hell are you waiting for?! It’s amazing value! You also get great discounts at the cinema and some surounding restaurants and Starbucks. I love my card as even if I’m having a “bad day” I can still go to the cinema and get out of my flat.

So the reason I mention my membership is this get you £10 off the VIP experience making it £19 so for those with out its £29 which may seem steep but it is a great experience and would be great to treat yourself!

With the VIP experience you get to enter 45mins before the film to enjoy all the UNLIMITED food I repeat unlimited!!!! Which ranges from your traditional cinema snacks (hot dog, popcorn, nachos) but they also have a buffet that consists of stuff like pizza,pasta, salad, soups,potatoes ect. Soo you get to fill your boots up with all that food! Also you get unlimited drinks too with all kinds of variety of flavours of coke Sprite ect and you can mix and match, also a bonus for me is coffee and hot drinks are included! So that’s good!

I defiantly got my full and so did my fiancé. Definitely got Our money’s worth being the stingy northeners we are 😂

So after all that food you get to take as many of the cinema snacks and drink in with you, the screens are small I think to give it more of that VIP feel, but the chairs are very large and comfy you also get to adjust your feet and head positions in the reclining seats which is great for me as it helps with my condition but also its just comfy 😅

So all in all I’d say if you already have a card or are thinking about getting on give it a try defiantly worth it but if not I think it’s pretty steep but if your thinking about a treat/date night go for it!

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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