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♿️Not everyone in a wheelchair is paraplegic ♿️


Today’s blog is a bit more serious than usual (I’m going to rant so if that’s not your thing🙊I suggest this post isn’t for you).

 ive been thinking about this issue ever since I began using a chair about a year ago. I find it easier to get around with my chair and it enables me to get out and do things I wouldn’t be able too without it. But yes I can walk,no it is not a miracle and yes I am still disabled!!!!!

It’s very surprising to see how people treat other with a Diability visible or not. There is so much stigma around the subject that should not be there! Also individuals with the disability are made to feel stupid or not “disabled” because people can’t see something physically wrong. 😡😡 this makes me so mad and I’ve experienced it first hand.

My top 3 angering stigma I’ve faced day to day:

  1. People shaking my fiancée hand for “putting up with me” this makes me angriest of all as I am able bodied and I am mentally capable yet I’m a “problem” and my fiancé shouldn’t love me because I’m in a chair 😡😠 get lost
  2. Why are you in a chair if you can walk, your just lazy erm right ok then see how you’d feel being sick practically everyday for 3 years and collapsing at least 2 times a week 🤔😒
  1. But you don’t look disabled, oh sorry I forgot all disabilities should be visible for them to exists in your eyes 🙈 some people really need to educate themselves about disabling conditions and how they affect individuals and not judge automatically!!

Do not get me wrong this post isn’t aimed at everyone, for every idiot there are a lovely caring people who understand , I’m not looking for sympathy, just not to be judged when you don’t know the full story.

There are many disabled people who do not show it physically but you don’t see them behind closed doors so please think before you act 😁 spread the love!

Here are some links that may be useful:

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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