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Homemade bath bombsπŸ›πŸ›


Today’s blog is about my new adventure into making my own bath bombs πŸ›πŸ™Š(as I’m pretty obsessed with them).

I love a good bath bomb but they do become costly if you use them as often as myself πŸ™ˆ and as much as I love lush and pretty suds I thought I give it a bash!

This is very cost effective and fun to do, I can’t wait to experiment with more scents and colours.

So my first attempt I’ve named “lavender pie” 

Ingredients for my bath bombs:

  1. Bicarbonate soda -500g Β£1.50 from Wilko 
  2. Citric acid-250g Β£1.50 also from Wilko 
  3. Lavender oil-10ml Β£1.25 also from Wilko
  4. Coconut oil-Β£3.99 home bargains
  5. Food colouring-49p home bargains 
  6. Baking tray to put ingredients in 

Step by step instructions (I guesstimate my measurements as I don’t own scales you can google for more accuracy)

  1. Put equal amounts of bicarb and critic acid in a bowl and mix together (amount depends on how big you mould is)
  2. In a serperate pouring container mix your wet ingredients of coconut oil (1 /4 of a table spoons) lavender oil (around 5 drops)food colouring to desired shade and 2 table spoon of water.
  3. Slowly (and I mean slowly!)add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir after each addition till a it become clumpy in consistency almost like making a crumble.
  4. Pack into baking tray rounds. 
  5. Repeat above to create your coloured layers.
  6. Wait to dry either put in freezer for 3hrs or wait over night in a cool dry place.

And tah dah you should have yourself some bath bombs (fingers crossed) πŸ™Š 

They look so tasty! (Please don’t eat πŸ˜‚)

Review and more bath pictures to come hopefully!

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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