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Bathing with POTs syndrome (plus my top 5 bath must haves)


So today’s posts is about how I cope with bathing and products I use to help me relax and unwind.

So my top 3 coping strategies for bathing are:

1) don’t let the water get too hot! I used to love a boiling hot soak but now that is deffo not the way to do it as I  would collapse straight away 

2) take your time! I find a bath is easier than a shower as standing and hands above the head ain’t ideal , so in a bath I can take my time and pace myself more.(I always make someone is around when I bath so if I do still collapse I have help, this is usually my fiancรฉ bless him)

3)drink water before and after washing! I usually have a glass of water before and after a bath there is some science behind it I’m sure but I do this all the Time really helps.

My top 5 bathing product must haves!

1)roots by lush! This is perfect for you thin haired pals who want a bit of volume, it’s beautiful works wonders

2)a good shower gel, I recommend the comforter by lush or yuzu and cocoa also by lush 

3) a good loofah! Help save time and makes so much foamy goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

4)bath bombs! Becarful if you have any allergies mind but bath bombs are my obsession! My two fav places to get them from is lush as pretty suds look her up she’s amazing you get six “eggs” for ยฃ5!!! Great value and amazing aromas!

5) a good face mask! To help you relax and unwind to the full, also gives your skin some amazing benefits, I use lush oatifix but there are many out there so give them a try too.

Much love,

Beth xoxo


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